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He was my boss! (about Maureensk)

I met my husband when I went for a job interview and he interviewed me. Firstly, I was already attracted to him because he gave excellent directions to the location, which is a trait I greatly admire/appreciate. Then he walked in with his best friend, who is a very good looking guy by traditional standards, and who I didn't even notice. He was dressed very geekily in shorts and t-shirt, carrying and old beat-up briefcase. His hair was longish, in a ponytail, but not a good looking ponytail because his hair wasn't long enough to pull all the way back. He had glasses of course, so all in all he exuded major geekiness. There were so many things about him that were all wrong for me, he wasn't my type at all. Yet, I was instantly attracted to him and thought to myself, "I hope that is the guy I have an interview with." Sure enough, I did.

I was so nervous, I'm amazed that I made any sort of good impression on him. He didn't call me for some time and I kept telling people that it was just as well as he was really weird.

Then all of a sudden, he called and I was hired. It was months before we got our act together and went out on a date. Partly because he was so weird, he even started a rumor about himself that he was gay (long story). So I spent about two months thinking he was unavailably gay. I also thought he was married for about a month because he had a photo on his desk that was from the bus stop girls, but was of young girls (not teens). It was some sort of inside joke w/his friend, and no, he is not a pedophile (another long story).

Anyway, I was a silly young thing that fortunately was able to be guided by her heart and see past his geeky outer self and see the wonderfully cool man inside. Of course, no geeky is cool, so I'm not sure what that means. Was he cool before his time, or is he no longer geeky? :-) We were both lucky in that we were able to date in an era before sexual harassment awareness training was the norm.