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The Power Of Two (about Jeffskla)

"Nothing Compares To You" claims that new ideas can only be derived from some difference between one thing and another. The simplest idea, "something", is only meaningful when compared to "nothing". Or rather "nothing" is meaningless unless it is compared to "something". In my ramblings, a "point" is just a "something".

If you know nothing, can only observe one point surrounded by nothing, and do *not* use your imagination to model new points or possible positions, then the only idea is a point--it's the only thing that is different than nothing. If you imagine a second point in this void of nothing, then you can discover the new idea of position, because position is the one thing that can vary between 2 points. Exploring the relationships between 2 points can lead to other position-based ideas such as distance, line segments, arrows, sides, and circles/spheres.

Distance is simply the difference between 2 points. A line segment is the straightest path between 2 points. An arrow is a line that passes through 2 points, but never ends. Sides are the parts of "nothing" that are bisected by a line. This one is particularly interesting, because the "nothing" on one side can now be differentiated from the "nothing" on the other. A circle/sphere is the path defined all positions that a point can occupy at the same distance from another point. The "nothing" inside of the circle is different than the "nothing" outside.

It's pretty impressive that so many different things can be expressed by manipulating only 2 things. So while it is important for you to be different and lonely in some aspect, it can be far more powerful to interact with other people's differences to create fantastic new ones.