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Hot Modeling Tips (about Jeffskla)

"What's The Point"claims that more information can be generated from a single point in space than from the existence of the point itself, just by its being different from its surroundings.

How is this possible? In the deeply insightful words of Barney The Dinosaur, by using your imagination.sub-square-barney.gifBarney must have known that by forming a representation of the point and surrounding space in your mind, you can manipulate those representations in countless ways (many of which may not be possible in the actual space itself). For instance, you can imagine that there are 2 points in different positions. You can also imagine that some greater number of points could fit in a straight path between those 2 position, and, voila, you have discovered the concepts of magnitude and distance. Picture all of those points in your mind, and you have made a line. Start thinking about many lines between many points, and you will be creating a wide variety of shapes and figures.

When I was a young boy, bored in class, I used to close my eyes and randomly stab a piece of paper with my pencil until the page was filled with points. Then I would stare at the page, or start to blindly connect some dots, until a recognizable or interesting figure began to emerge, after which I would connect the remaining dots to complete or embellish the picture (and, yes, one was a dinosaur). On many levels, this became a metaphor for my life. Rather than mimic others, I prefer to combine semi-random thoughts, circumstances, and materials to create new, and hopefully interesting, outcomes. I do not consciously choose to walk a lonely road--it's just that my method of choice creates paths which can never be followed twice.

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