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I Kissed My Wife (about Jeffskla)

This is my response to "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry. The subtext is that while being old and married might not be as cool, it can be more fulfilling.

Without subtitles:

With subtitles:

Here are the lyrics:

I'm speeding in my commuter car 5 miles over the limit I slow way down in my neighborhood Cause there are children present I park it, I lock it I walk up the path to my door Unlock it, open it Then step into the foyer

Chorus: I kissed my wife and I liked it That makes the whole day worth it I kissed my wife, won't deny it I hope the kids don't mind it It felt so good If felt so right I think I'll stay home tonight

I pour myself a glass of wine Any more upsets my stomach I hear about everybody's day When we sit down for dinner I clean up the dishes I walk up to my bedroom I close the door And then we fold some laundry