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The Butter King (1983) (about Jeffskla)

I wrote this in May 1983 after burning through $20K of inheritance:

I was a lad who always dreamt
He'd be the butter king
Butter's smooth and soft and white
A step above the cream

One day a heap of butter
Fell upon my knee
Without a thought I picked it up
And ate it with my tea

I'd go to school and learn a trade
The way my father did
How butter's used and how it's made
Althought I just a kid

One day a mound of butter
Off a wagon fell
I had a bit of butter now
And used it fairly well

I really didn't want to be
Your average butter maker
A knack for magic I had found
And thought I'd use it later

Then it came, a load of butter
Big as big could be
From whence it came I'm not too sure
Though I think the butter king

Despite the lessons I had learned
And what little I had kept
That butter ran from under me
With speed I won't forget

I'm still the fool I was back then
I still can do my tricks
But I know I like my butter
In little, tiny bits