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The Cell Song (about Jeffskla)

This is one of the first few songs I wrote. I did so to help me study for a biology test in 10th grade (circa late 1978). As silly as it is, I think it has a certain profundity for dramatizing a process that occurs around 50 and 70 billion times each day in the average human adult (more in me, I'm sure).

The centrioles wait patiently
And a lysosome holds fast
The chloroplasts are pigments
And the vacuoles they are vast
The ribosomes they synthesize
Protein all day long
While all these organelles are working
They sing this mighty song

We'll work forever
Until our last endeavor
Or at least until we use up our DNA
We'll strive; we'll last
Even the chloroplasts
Until the day we finally decay

The cell membrane does nothing
And the nucleus is wide
The chromosomes aren't interested
In what's happening outside
The mitochondria generates
Supplying energy
While throughout the cytoplasm
There tolls this melody


A lysosome has broken
And the ribosomes have stopped
The cell it grew much bigger
And suddenly it popped
The cell is dead; it is no more
Its organelles are gone
Yet it is not gone completely
Its melody lives on


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