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I have a very similar story... (about Daveka)

I have a very similar story. When I was in 3rd grade, we moved from Iowa to Washington State mid school year (not fun). One of my first best new friends was Dale.

Fast forward 10 years – he went to UofW and I to WSU (of Bomber’s Head fame). He met a girl named Kerry and they started dating. I lived in Orton Hall and met two girls on the same floor, Karen and Rhonda. After a couple years, Dale and I found out that his GF (Kerry) and the Karen and Rhonda that I knew went to the same HS in Olympia and they were BFFs. But, there was a fourth BFF that went to Pepperdine. In 1986, there was a huge fire on the California coast and I can remember Karen and Rhonda talking about how worried they were about their friend at Pepperdine. For years I heard of this girl and since Dale was in the circle of my friends, all of them knew her. I never met her and I didn’t think much about it. Our paths never intersected, but all of our friends knew each other. She had even been at their homes when I wasn’t there and visa versa.

In the early 90’s, I was doing medical billing during the day in Seattle and delivering pizza on the Eastside at night. I had my own apartment and someone came up with the idea of having a party at my place. I said, “We don’t have any girls. How is this going to be any different than any other night?” Dale replied, “I’ll get my GF to bring her friends.” Sounded good to me! Here are some pictures of that night (circa 1990):

Dale was only able to wrangle two girls – his GF and her roommate. Since Dale’s girl was off limits, he really only came up with one. Better than nothing. She didn’t even want to come either because “All of Dale’s friend are geeks.” But he bribed her with a bottle of vodka. Guess who it was? That fourth girl that went to Pepperdine. She didn’t go home that night. She moved in a month later. Nine months after that we were married and six months after the wedding she was pregnant. Whirlwind…

It took us years to meet even though we knew the same people. When we did finally meet, it was a done deal. It was fun. Too bad it had to end like it did, but people change.

A couple other strange coincidences related to this story:

In college, the year I met Karen and Rhonda, I started dating a girl I went to HS with. Her name was Kristin. It didn’t work out because I was a jerk, but the interesting part is that she ended up marrying a guy named Dave and I ended up marrying a girl named Kristin. Spelled the same too. Freaky.

The Pizza place I was working for was Pietro’s Pizza. The guy that started Pietro’s Pizza and ended up selling it to Campbell’s Soup Company was my wife’s uncle. You can’t make up stuff like this.

To bring us to the present, Dale and I remained good friends and are still close to this day, he works for Microsoft too. Kristin #1 (the one I dated in college) and I are now close after I apologized profusely at our 20th HS reunion. Kerry lives and works in Seattle. I don’t know what ever happened to Karen and Rhonda’s husband is in prison for putting a bullet in her head.