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Bomber's Head... (about Daveka)

I initially posted this on on Mar 2 1993 @ 3:35 am. Accompanying video at the end of this post.

Back in 1985, I was a student at Washington State University. WSU has about 19 miles of steam tunnels under the campus. These tunnels were there to keep the ice off the streets and sidewalks in the winter months. They also contained phone lines, cable, net, and power. For this reason, the steam tunnels were off limits to anyone but maintenance because of the instance for vandalism and possible injury. These tunnels also had entrances to some of the oldest buildings on campus. If you were caught in the steam tunnels, you were expelled.

I met this guy (Doug) that lived across the hall from me that had lived in the dorm (9th floor Orton Hall) the previous two years. He said that the year prior, he, two of his friends, and a guy named Bomber found themselves partying pretty hard one night and decided to go exploring the steam tunnels. Bomber apparently had planned on doing this for some time because he knew of an entrance that was not locked. How he found the entrance, Doug did not know. It was a grate under a bush that would have been extremely hard to locate if you did not know where to look. After decending, there was a light switch about every 100 feet or so that would turn on lights just in the 100 feet between the switches. Doug said this was pretty scary because one guy had to be 100 feet in front and the last guy had to be 100 feet behind to turn the lights off after the others had passed. They came upon several entrances to buildings that were obviously locked, but after about an hour they found one that was open.

When they entered, they did not know what building it was until they found two cadavers, a fore arm with the skin pulled away floating in a try of solution, and a head floating in a tupperware cake container full of formalihyde. This was Merill Hall - the premed lab. Needless to say, this scared the hell out of them and they took off running back into the steam tunnel and back to the dorm.

After getting back to Doug's room, Bomber pulled out a microscope he had took from the lab on the way out. After a couple more beers, Bomber kept suggesting that they go back to the lab - for the head. Doug said he entertained the thought for about 5 seconds and said no way. The other two of his friends reluctantly agreed to return with Bomber.

The next day, Doug got in touch with his friends and they had stories of putting the cadavers in sexual positions for the staff to find, and they did admit to taking the head. Doug said he didn't believe a word they said but, after visiting Bomber's room he was a believer. He said that Bomber had the tupperware cake container on his desk, and when he broke the seal he saw a glimpse of old leathery skin and matted hair. The smell of the formaldehyde almost made him puke. Several days later, everyone in the dorm knew Bomber had the head. He was charging a buck for people to take a peek and the news was spreading like wild fire. Doug said at one point, there were people lined up at Bomber's room waiting for their turn to look. The police finally got wind of it and approached one of Doug's friends that went with Bomber. This friend denied they had touched any cadavers or had taken the head. The police had several witnesses to actually seeing the head in Bomber's room so they knew the guy was lying.

This friend managed to get to Bomber before the cops did and informed him that the cops were hot on his trail, so Bomber grabbed the tupperware container, drove to a field and threw it.

When the police finally apprehended Bomber, he denied ever going back to Merill Hall and taking the head. He said that it was an old teetherball ball with a wig on it floating in a preservative he got from the bio lab. When the police asked to see it, he admitted to getting rid of it in a field.

The cops did not believe his story, there were too many people that claimed to have seen it. They insisted Bomber take them out to this field were he ditched the head. He did. They found the tupperware container and had to some looking for the head because it must have rolled on impact.

They finally found the head and it was indeed a teatherball wearing a wig. Everyone that looked at it never really looked at it that close because it gave them the creeps so bad! There's one born every minute.

Bomber was the only that got into trouble. He was arrested for stealing the microscope and got a few months probation. I told this story many times to new freshman, but I'd always leave off the part about the teatherball and the wig! There is evidence of this story even today. In both elevators in Orton Hall just below the floor number 9, the word "Headhunter" is scratched in the brushed metal.