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We are as sick as our Secrets… (about Daveka)

If you don’t know what a God Box is, that’s a good thing. It’s basically a place where you put all your secrets. The most heinous, mean and evil shit you’ve ever done. The stuff you’ll never be forgiven for, but you do this anyway, just in case someday God will read it and absolve you.

Yeah, right. God doesn’t give a shit about you. If he did, we wouldn’t be all kinds of fucked up. People wouldn’t be shitty to each other, we’d all have what we needed and nobody would get sick or die. We’d all be smart, healthy and happy.

Nobody is happy. People suck. They have bad manners, they stink, none of us look good and they keep secrets – they lie.

For me, lying is the worst of traits. But that’s what we do. We are miserable and want to brag about shit we do. We want people to think we are better than we are. We’re not. We are what we are. Sad really, because we are so much more beautiful than we think we are.

OK, back to the God Box…

I took the contents of the God Box that people have been feeding for years. Lots of great screenplay stuff. It’s heartbreaking, I haven’t been able to read it all yet. Not in 7 years. Each one I read brings me one step closer to how we really are. I don’t like it, but I can’t stop because that’s how we really are.