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My brush with "Our Thing"... (about Daveka)

La Cosa Nostra literaly means our thing. I had the pleasure of spending time (a bout a month) with the son of one of one of the people that was a Boss of one of the five branches of the "Commision". No shit.

He was in his 60's at the time and a sweetheart. Very nice, and had a lot of great stories to tell, but when anybody came by and fingered him, the ferocious anger came out. You wanted to get the fuck out of the way. These guys don't joke, they mean business, and I mean *real* business. They will pull your card in a heartbeatbeat.

I can't go into details about exactly who this is, (witness protection), but he had great sayings. Some of them are:

- I wish you a lot of God because luck has nothing to do with it. - It's like having sex with a gorilla, it's not over until the gorilla says it's over. - Knocked him so flat, he had to pull his socks down to shit. - When the factory whistle blew. (This means it's all over - you're dead)

Yeah, these guys were tough guys. I hope they don't have internet access and read this.