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Doping Diamonds… (about Daveka)

I knew this guy named Erin. He was originally from Israel. He did his obligatory 3 years in the Israeli Defense Forces and headed to the states with his two brothers. Their parents we loaded and the three of them started a business doping diamonds. The basic process includes exposing the stones to radioactive isotopes that modify the structure by introducing defects. This changes their color or how they fluoresce. So, if you wanted a yellow diamond ring, you’d go to these guys. They made a fortune.

The problem was Erin developed a hankering for crack and watching internet porn all day and night. Apparently the drug use and lack of sleep for days at a time made him so paranoid that he couldn’t leave the house. Once he put down the crack pipe, we would drive him farther and farther from his house each day to judge how much his paranoia had lessened. Whenever he started freaking out, it was back to the house we’d head.

He did get to the point where he could leave the house on his own but only to shine a flashlight into the windows of his neighbor’s because he thought they were going to kill him with explosives.

Needless to say, they hauled him off and he had an extended stay in the hospital. He never recovered and was eventually sent back to Israel. He’s there today in an asylum taking daily medication to keep the paranoia at bay.

Before he was shipped off, I got him to sing one of his favorite holiday songs at Christmastime. Click here to hear it:

BTW, the loud knocks you hear are Erin hitting the table appearntly to keep a beat? The crazy ones are always the most interesting.