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Glued cash and car damage... (about Daveka)

I've done this several times with super glue and silver dollars.

Just glue the coins to the sidewalk (I did this in front of a 7-11) and wait for the fun!

Another cool prank is to find a car in the parking lot, and leave a note under the wind shield wiper apologizing for accidentally backing into their car as you were driving away! Needless to say, don't sign the note or leave a phone number. The usual response is a swear word and a close inspection of their car. Several times, people have actually found dents/scratches and started asking others in the parking lot if they had seen the accident. One time I put this not on a pick-up that was beat to hell. The victim read the note, threw it over his shoulder and drove away!

I videotaped many instances of both of these pranks and showed them at parties.