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Why does Dave have that dent in his head? (about Daveka)

Unilateral coronal synostosis is due to early closure of a coronal suture on one side of the skull and produces a deformity characterized by flattening of the forehead and the brow on the affected side. The forehead tends to be excessively prominent on the opposite side. This type of cranial asymmetry is called plagiocephaly.

Basically, a mishapen melon - God only knows how it effected the boi-electric transmissions going on inside.

My Dad was in the Navy when I was born and they didn't notice it until I was about 2 months old. They shopped me around and nobody would touch me becaue they didn't do cosmetice skull surgurey at the time. And there was a good chance I would go blind in my left eye or not make it.

My parent's ran into a young doctor that said simply this, "If you don't do anything, he'll be fine, but he'll only work in a side show or live in a sheltered hosptial. And, if he ever finds out you could have done something but didn't - he will hate you."

So they did. I came out OK (I guess). I have pics post surgery I'll post tomorrow.

Maybe that's why I'm nutz...