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Winter Solstice... (about Daveka)

Tonight is the longest night of the year (12/21/2K2)

I called the kids today to find out how they liked the Christmas presents I left and hid in the house before I left. Lexie answered. At first I thought it was her mother. God, they sound alike.

They had a great time. Presents from me, my mom and my father were opened by the kids. Lexie said it was like two Christmas's this year. I Don't know if she realizes it's two Christmas's from her on out.

Austo got on the phone and said they found the present I hid and described how they had to find something to tie around the big present (Karaoke Machine) and Gramma Kitty was the "Puller up guy".

When I got on the phone with my mother she told me *-------* still wasn't home from the night before and told her that she didn't wanted to be included in the kids opening presents. I asked where she was and she said "At her boyfriend's, *-----* place". She immediately apologized for telling me, but she said I needed to know because things are getting out of control in every aspect of my wife's life.

"Who's *-----*?" I asked because I had never heard that name before. The guy's name I thought she was sleeping with was Tom.

"Why did you call him her boyfriend?"

"Lexie told me today that Mom has a new boyfriend and she knows it's her boyfriend because he calls her sweetie."

I asked her to put Lexie back on the phone to check the temperature.

"Hi Lexie! What's Mom's new boyfriend's name?"


"How do you feel about this?"

"Um, I don't know. I don't really think about it."

"OK, I love you, goodbye."

I called *-------* cell phone.


"It's me, who's *-----*?"

"Did you get my letter?"

"No, why?"

"Because I told you about it in the letter."

"Why would you tell me about this in a letter now when I'm in a place like this?"

"Because I didn't want you to hear it from the kids first. I thought it was appropriate."

"Too late for that, you're a real piece of work."

She then slammed into the defensive mode and started blaming me for the situation. That because I kept this -------- shit to myself, she wasn't about to share her life with me. We were married for 12 years, she knew what I was up to. I don't hide anything.

(I share too much, that's why I'm fucked. Sounds like a great song title!)

"I didn't call to fight. I think you're sick too and I wish you came to family week to heal. Where and when did you meet *-----*?

"He's one of my customers, I met him in September." (Don't remember the screaming shit...)

"Hmmm, what a coincidence that you met *-----* the same month you kicked me out."

At this point she started back peddling to ensure I thought this relationship started after we separated.

"I didn't start dating him until November and I just went to the Holiday party last weekend."

That's why she wanted the Porsche! Now she's hiring overnight babysitters to fuck some other guy. What a piece of work indeed.

"I like him and I'm going to pursue a relationship with him."

She said Goodbye and I hung up.

I guess the only good thing about her is finally she's coming clean today. I'm here at *---* I can tell you for sure that if I was in Seattle when I heard this news I wouldn't start *---------*.

At least now I have 10 days to internalize my wife's disclosure. This hurts.

Fuck me.

Here's the letter: