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What do you write on the bathroom mirror before she wakes up? (about Daveka)

Eight years ago today, you took my breath away.

You were wearing a black body suit and a ponytail. We talked, we laughed, and we danced. When the party got dry, I wondered why, I couldn't find a girl like you.

I volunteered to grab some beer and smokes, from the Texaco down the road, I never guessed our lips would meet under the stars in the Bug I owned.

When your ride left, I was delighted to hear you wanted to stay and talk awhile. We fumbled in the night, not really knowing what was right. We both just fell asleep.

In the morning we woke and drove to your Melrose place, I was scared you'd say goodbye. As I drove away, I wondered if you'd stay with me for a while.

We stole away almost every night.

Then your lease came due and I said 'I want to live with you', you said yes and you made my life!


In retro - you made my life miserable.

I found new picts, too: