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Sledge hammer right between the eyes… (about Daveka)

I didn’t realize this until I read my posts. I am a horribly sad person. What I write, my videos and how I feel. I need to shake this shit for the sake of my children.

I haven't stopped crying in years. And I do mean that literally - I cry everyday. They never see it, I hope, but I try to hide it. Fuck, I'm crying right now.

My Friend....

When we re-connected again a few weeks ago after 24 years of not talking to eachother or probably even thinking about eachother I can't tell you how great it was to chat with you on the phone! You are so full of life and emotions! You never hold anything back...good or bad! I was so excited when we got off the phone that I thought about you for hours after the call! I would agree that when I read the post and listen to your music that you seem to have a sad tone running through your being but don't you see the wonderfully giving person that you are? If I didn't know that before I would of seen in you every time you looked at Lexie! Or in the video of you and Austin and Lexie pretend farting.....I wonder if you are so sad because you give so much of yourself! I am pretty sure thats why I wasn't so sad because I am the opposite!....I am too scared to give anything because I don't want to let anyone hurt me....hummmmm how did this become about me lol! Dave....simply are awesome and I am glad to have you as my friend! ~K p.s....I cry every day too