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Look toward the future... (about Daveka)

I wrote and recorded this when Lexie was 3 (13 years ago). It was the same night I got evicted from my Maple Valley home for a bogus DV charge that never happened. I caught her and my best friend talking about shit on the phone. Pretty easy really, I saw all these calls to my friend on the phone bill. I’m thinking, “I don’t call him that much.” I confronted her with it and insisted it stop. Then I bugged the phone. The very next day, I checked the tape. A very suspicious call was made from the house (23 tones) but nobody answered on the other end. Since I had the tones recorded, I reverse deciphered the number from listening to them and mapping the tone to the number. She was using a phone card to call him so it wouldn’t show up on the phone bill. You basically called an 800 number on a pre-paid phone card to get on the trunk, entered your pin and then the number you wanted to dial. Nothing shows up on the bill because it's pre-paid. Clever girl. Get this, these card were supplied by her employer – Egghead Software. Needless to say, this made me ill. This came out of left field and we had a little girl.

I got home from work and the house was empty. There was a note saying that she took Lexie to her parents and that they would be staying there a while.

Later that night, she called and said she did something really stupid. “I got a restraining order against you and the police will be there to escort you off the property tomorrow. Sorry…” Well isn’t that great.

The truth is the sheriff didn’t show up “tomorrow”, he showed up about an hour later. He told me to just grab some clothes but not to take any other property because he didn’t know if it was mine or hers. I asked if I could my guitar, he said no – no property. I told him my story and he said, “OK, take the guitar. Sorry you’re going through this.”

“Can I take my computer too?”

I drove away with a pillow, a towel, a sleeping bag, about a week’s worth of clothes, a Mac, a Guitar and a mic.

I guess she didn’t like the fact that I caught her doing some bad sneaky shit so she reeled in the fuzz and the courts. She actually stood in front of a judge and said she was afraid for her safety. So, a restraining order was issued.

This song was written in 10 minutes and recorded in a shitty borrowed Bellevue apartment with a cheesy mic, one guitar and a Mac. I did all the parts myself and Mr. Jack Daniels help me mix it up. Nobody was there so it’s very rough. I had no one to critique. But this shit actually worked! The spell lasted 7 more years and I got a son out of the deal.