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There were several... (about Daveka)

1. My dad was in the Nav when I was born, so I think my first nick name was “Davey The Navy Baby”. 2. My second nick name (also from my Dad) was “Shit Bird”. I have no idea why – I should ask him before he’s gone. 3. When I was in sixth grade (before I got braces), the kids called me “Bucky Beaver” (buck teeth) which was shortened to simply “Bucky”. Didn’t bug me, I created a comic series about a character named “Bucky Beaver”. 4. When I was old enough to handle it (I guess), my Dad came up with a new gem – “The Elephant Guy”. This is due to the fact I’ve got a dent in my forehead. I started growing my hair long after that. 5. When I was 19, I got the nickname "Rigatoni BonJovi" (because of my hair which was later shortened to just "Rig".

I haven’t really had a nickname in my adult life except for the one I gave myself - “Dave The Rave”.