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Have you ever had a brush with a celebrity? (about Anyone)

Describe how it came to be and what happened.

How a grisly murder led to me getting a part as an extra in a scene that was cut

 I shouldn’t have been able to have seen “They All Laughed”, the infamous “lost” film by Peter Bogdanovich, in any theater in early 1984, but I did. ...

I'll Be Back

In 1984, I was a motion picture projectionist for United Artists at one of its flagship theaters in Westwood, CA.  It was one of the coolest jobs I ever had, because I loved movies and Westwood w ...

Paris? That’s not a first name!

I met her in a small store where they sold candy bars and birthday cards. We heard about each other because we owned the same type of car, and I knew it would be a matter of time before we met. ...