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What's The Point? (about Anyone)

Difference is the fundamental material from which all existence is fabricated.

If every single thing in existence was uniformly the same as every other, with no spaces in between, that would essentially be the same as nothing. If all you ever saw was solid white, or solid black, or solid puce, you would not even know it, because you would have nothing else to compare it to (as lovely as puce is).

Pretend that you are in a void with no prior experience (some may need to pretend less than others). In this situation, you know absolutely nothing because there is no raw material to observe and store in your head. You can't even imagine anything, because your mind has nothing to manipulate.

Now pretend that there is a stationary point in this field of nothing. Not only do you see the point, but you can discern every place in your field of view where the point is *not*. You understand the concept of a point and the space around it. You can imagine the space beyond your field of vision, and you can wonder if there are more points out there. You can extrapolate physical properties such as magnitude (in multiples of points), direction, distribution, and proportion.

So much information can be derived from one, lonely point. That is because the observation of a single point illuminated every other position the point was not at. If the point had been the same as every non-point, nothing would effectively exist. Instead, a very small difference created a very large world of possibility. So dare to be different. Dare to be lonely.