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Nothing Compares To You (about Anyone)

In"Hot Modeling Tips", we used the knowledge of a single point in space to create new knowledge, simply by imagining copies of that point in new locations.

For instance, if we imagine one point away from another point, such that only 9 duplicate points could fit between them, then we can deduce that they are a distance of 10 points apart.
O        O
|-10 pts-|
If we don't compare the position of the old point with that of the new point, then we can't measure the distance between them. If we completely forget about the old point, we have learned nothing new. In general, if we don't contrast a point with something else, we can't say anything about it; we can't generate new information by imagining new points unless we explore the relationships between them.

Being different from others can be lonely, but it takes those others to define the difference in the first place.

Time works the same way...

Time works the same way. If you cannot or will not consider previous events to your current event, time does not exist.