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About iNetSelf

iNetSelf is a free service to capture and share meaningful things about you (memories, feelings, hopes, and accomplishments) with the people you care about. iNetSelf's mission is to preserve the best parts of your life, or even the past lives of those dear to you, in a way they are most likely to be discovered and remembered for generations to come.

One way it approaches this is by coaxing and organizing your personal information through thoughtful questions, called "probes". You can respond to your own hand-crafted probes, probes personalized for you by members of your social circles, or probes that have been generated and rated by the community. When your future descendants have a question about you, they will be able to view your responses to the probes that most closely match their interests--creating, in essence, a dynamic interview with a virtual you.

You can also create memorial accounts for departed loved ones, to which you can easily add remembrances, probes, etc. to help keep them alive in your heart.

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